8/18/04 ?The five themes of the courses, the five pedagogical objectives, the state of modern litigation


8/19/04 ?The story of pleading, Haddle v. Garrison


8/20/04 ?span style='mso-spacerun:yes'>?Ethical limitations, Rule 11, Walker v. Norwest Corp., Christian v. Mattel, Inc.



8/25/04 ?Heightened pleading, Stradford v. Zurich Insurance Co.


8/26/04 ?More heightened pleading


8/27/04 ?The myth of notice pleading, pleading burdens, Gomez v. Toledo



9/1/04 ?Motions, pre-answer motions ?Rule 12(b), hypotheticals


9/2/04 ?Answer, denials, Zielinski v. Philadelphia Piers, Inc.


9/3/04 ?More on Zielinski v. Philadelphia Piers, Inc., affirmative defenses ?Layman v. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., amendments, Beeck v. Aquaslide N?Dive Corp., statute of limitations and relating back



9/9/04 ?Relation back of amendments ?Moore v. Baker, Bonerb v. Richard J. Caron Foundation, joinder, Plant v. Blazer Financial Services


9/10/04 ?Joinder of parties, Mosley v. General Motors Corp., Price v. CTB, Inc.



9/15/04 ?A current affair, complex joinder, Owen Equipment & Erection Co. v. Kroger


9/16/04 ?More on Owen Equipment & Erection Co. v. Kroger, the rule of Zahn


9/17/04 ?Compulsory joinder ? Rule 19, Temple v. Synthes Corp., Helzbergs Diamond Shops v. Valley West Des Moines Shopping Center



9/22/04 ?Intervention ?Rule 24, Natural Resources Defense Council v. United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission


9/23/04 ?More on intervention, Martin v. Wilks, interpleader ?Rule 22, Cohen v. The Republic of the Philippines



9/29/04 ?Class actions ?Rule 23


9/30/04 ?Communities for Equity v. Michigan High School Athletic Assn., Heaven v. Sun Trust Bank


10/1/04 ?Hansberry v. Lee, Phillips Petroleum v. Shutts



10/14/04 ?Settlement of class actions, Anchem Products, Inc. v. Windsor


10/15/04 ?Discovery ?Rules 26-37, Davis v. Precoat Metals, Steffan v. Cheney, a hypothetical



10/20/04 ?Privilege, disclosures


10/21/04 ?Interrogatories and depositions ?Rules 30 and 33


10/22/04 ?Production of documents ?Rule 34, requests for admissions ?Rule 36, the intersection between Rules 37 and 26



10/27/04 ?Discovery and privacy ?Stalnaker v. Kmart Corp.


10/28/04 ?Schlagenhauf v. Holder, Hickman v. Taylor, Upjohn Co. v. United States


10/29/04 ?Experts, Thompson v. The Haskell Co., Chiquita International Ltd. v. M/V Bolero Reefer



11/3/04 ?Missed a day


11/4/04 ?Discovery disputes


11/5/04 ?Resolution without trial, default judgments ?Rule 55, Peralta v. Heights Medical Center



11/10/04 ?Settlements, Matsushita Elec. Industrial Co. v. Epstein


11/12/04 ?Confidentiality in settlements, Kalinauskas v. Wong



11/17/04 ?Arbitration, Floss v. Ryans Family Steak Houses, Inc.


11/18/04 ?Summary judgment ? Rule 56, Adickes v. S.H. Kress & Co., Celotex Corp. v. Catrett



12/2/04 ?Judicial management of litigation, Sanders v. Union Pacific Railroad, McKey v. Fairbairn


12/3/04 ?Judgment as a matter of law ?Rule 50, Pennsylvania Railroad v. Chamberlain


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