Class Notes


8/21/03 ?Intro, dont take notes on this?o:p>


8/22/03 ?Statutes and legislative history, the structure of published statutes, annotated codes, the importance of annotations, how to read a statute, updating statutes, citation form for a U.S. statute



8/28/03 ?More on statutes and legislative history, federal statutes, session laws, the U.S. Code, annotated codes and alternatives, traditional and electronic methods of statutory research, legislative history


8/29/03 ?More on legislative history, federal regulations, C.F.R. and F.R.,



9/4/03 ?More on regulations, finding regulations, state regulations, Attorney Generals?opinions


9/5/03 ?Case law, citation format, where case law is published, rules of thumb on case selection



9/11/03 ?Errors on the last assignment, the Westlaw dude speaks, the Lexis lady talks


9/12/03 ?Headnotes, Wests Digests, secondary sources, general sources



9/18/03 ?More on general sources, stuff for law students, articles, law reviews, ILP, LegalTrac, other indices, Restatements


9/19/03 ?National Conference of Commissioners and uniform laws, Bluebook stuff





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